The maintainance and repair of (2) loading arms at jetty no. 1 & 2 at tobruk terminal




5 Month




Arabian Gulf Oil Company - Tobruk


It is a EPC project  that consists of maintenance and repair of two marine loading arms at Jetty 1 and 2 at Tobruk terminal. There are eight marine loading arms, four arms at jetty no. 1 and other four at jetty no. 2, which have been constructed for client Arabian Gulf Oil Company, delivered and installed in 1985. Presently, six marine loading arms are in operation and two are out of service. Those two damaged marine loading arms need complete repair in order to be placed back into operation.

BPC project’s responsibility  is consisted of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing, Commissioning and  Putting into Operation activities. The project shall be executed in cooperation with the manufacturer, Woodfield Systems Ltd, who is directly involved through off field supervision. The project is divided in two phases. The first phase includes a complete inspection of all eight marine loading arms according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The second phase of project includes replacement of all damaged parts on two marine loading arms in accordance with manufacturer’s procedure and supervision. A complete overhaul includes the following: refurbishment of all four swivels and the hydraulic coupler assembly, replacement of hydraulic system including cylinders, replacement of lubrication system, replacement of range alarm system, replacement of electrical cables and freewheel switch, replacement of all bearings, pins, washers, bolts and gaskets.

After complete overhaul, two marine loading arms shall be tested, commissioned  and placed back into operation.