Rehabilitation Works forTank 907 at Zawia Tank Farm




6 Month




Akakus Oil Operations - Zawia


It is a EPC maintenance project whereas BPC’s responsibilities are engineering, procurement and work related activities such as: opening, cleaning, inspection, repair, testing and assisting to putting into operation of Tank 907 at Zawia Terminal.

Complete detailed engineering related to repairs was developed specifically for this project purposes while defining, calculating and checking all the parameters according to API 653 standard and ASME code.


According to the Scope of Work the following activities are responsibility of BPC:

  • Tank opening (isolation and blinding works, draining, removal of instruments and valves, degassing and ventilation, desludging, cleaning tank internal, washing the tank bottom) ,
  • Inspection ( Visual and Ultrasonic inspection of tank’s bottom plates)
  • Repair works (cut and replace shell plates on top course and on top end wind girder, cut and replace damaged CS plates on floating roof pontoon section, rolling ladder repairs, replacement of damaged foam ring CS pipe section, re-sealing of concrete tank base)
  • NDT and Corrosion protection works (NDT of welding seams on all repairs, painting of repaired sections, paining of complete floating roof tank as per client’s painting system procedure)
  • Cathodic Protection (replacement of sacrificaial anodes).