Installation of new 14'' white product pipeline in zawia terminal




6 Month




Brega Petroleum Marketing Company - Zawia, Libya


Installation of new 14” white product pipeline in zawia terminal

A turn-key project involving laying of a new 2.5 km long pipeline system for transport of white product (gasoline), connecting onshore manifold at Zawia refinery and two gasoline tanks no. 503 and 504 in Zawia new terminal.

The project unifies design, engineering, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of the pipeline system to ensure safety, reliability, operability and maintainability using commercially proven material, technology and equipment.

The work involves furnishing all labor, supervision and provision of all services necessary for the completion of mechanical and anti-corrosion works, civil works, electrical works, instrumentation works as well as cathodic protection works, all according to international/ American standards (API, ASME, ASTM) specified for oil and gas industry.

A major part of the project represents design, procurement and installation of custody transfer metering system completed with filtration unit and control system for full operation and maintenance.